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These solid brass or die cast and chrome plated articulators are constructed with stainless steel and brass fittings- sturdy and rugged for years of use, case after high quality case.

The two piece articulator design provides standard lateral and protrusive movements.

The upper and lower parts are easily separated.


CruciblesFine Grain Quartz

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Created using a special manufacturing process and made from the highest quality fine grain quartz, these crucibles are ideal for all types of metal. Even heat distribution provides for finer casting.

Available in 2 types: Slotted and Closed, each with the same superior characteristics:

  • Non-contaminating
  • Long lasting
  • Withstands high heat

* Packaged individually

Delivery BagsDelivery BagsDownload Product Sheet (73K)

The original Delivery Bags for fast and safe transport to and from the lab.


  • Poly-lined to withstand humidity and wetness
  • Extra thick 60lb white paper for a clean and professional look
  • Large gusset for a roomier articulator fit
  • Equipped with a tin tie closure for a secure seal

Available in 2 sizes:

Regular- (5.5″ x 3.5″ x 11″) Case of 100 or 500 bags

Extra Large- (6″ x 4″ x 13″) Case of 100, 250 or 500 bags

Flask, Compress, Reline JigDenture Flasks

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Upper Denture Flask

Upper Denture Flasks feature forged bronze alloy construction. Fitted with hardened stainless steel allor rear tapered guide pins.

Unit Dimensions: 4″ long x 3.75″ wide x 2.25″ high

Lower Denture Flask

Lower Denture Flasks feature the same forged bronze alloy construction as the upper but with a slanted heel section to accomodate cases with high condyles.

Unit Dimensions: 4″ long x 3.75″ wide x 2.25″ high

2 Case Compress

For use in curing two flasks simultaneously. Crafted from a strong bronze alloy, its rustproof cast body provides years of use. Two stainless steel springs provide equalized compensatory pressure during curing operation. An allen wrench, a plastic capped holding handle, and a brass lifting handle are supplied with each compress.

Weight: approx. 8 lbs. (3.6 kg)
Unit Dimensions: 4.125″ long x 2.5″ wide x 7.5″ high

Reline Jig

Chrome plated, 2 post jig for accurate reline applications. Posts feature tapered tops to aid in upper plate applications.

Brass Dowel PinsBrass Stick Pins

High Quality and Economical

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Available in 3 sizes (small, medium & large). Packaged in units of 100 pcs. and 1000 pcs.


Brass Stick PinsMR Auxiliary Pins

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Non-corrosive, high quality brass stick pins ideal for all impression material. Packaged in sets of 100 pcs. and 1000 pcs.

MR Auxiliary Pins

Download Product Sheet (85K)Pin Pro Adhesive

Nickel plated dowel pins. Packaged in sets of 1000 pcs.

Pin Pro Dowel Pin Adhesive
Download Product Sheet (85K)

The only Cyanoacrylate Adhesive formulated specifically for dowel pin placement. Bonds virtually everything with its special gap filling formulation. Works on oil surfaces too!

1 Fluid Ounce

Polar Blast Freeze SprayEndo FreezeRefrigerant Spray

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Spearment Scented Endo Freeze is a quick acting spray specially formulated for testing pulpal vitality. The low liquid temperature of -15.7ºF (-26.2ºC) insures immediate results from vital teeth.

Safe for use in any environment, Endo Freeze is non-flammable and non-explosive. Ease of use and convenient handling makes it safe for dental procedures. Ideal for on-the-spot pulp testing.

Select Dental MFG Endo Freeze contains zero CFC and is environmentally safe for the Ozone.

Fog Free MirrorFog Free Mirrors

Intraoral Photo Mirror System

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  • Micro fan in base prevents fogging
  • 3 L.E.D. lights provide direct lighting
  • Interchangeable highly polished stainless steel mirrors with a special coating process
  • Cordless- charger included
  • 4″ x 2.5″ x 1″ base serves as a handle during photography

System Contents
* System Includes: Base, #1 Mirror, Charger, Barrier Sleeves

Available Mirror Sizes:

Available Mirror Sizes

Impression Trays


ImpressionA Trays 

Stainless Steel

These trays are specifically protected against corrosion or breakage. Used under standard sterilization and clinical conditions, these sturdy trays provide years of reliable use. They resist tarnishing and are sterilizable by any method.

Available in Solid, Perforated, and Pedo Perforated

Maxi-Cure Curing LightMaxi-Cure™

Curing Light

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The heavy-duty construction makes the Maxi-Cure™ light cure box a reliable way to cure materials.

Uses four 9 watt bulbs (included) and cures most light activated composites including Megatray.

Complete with a 5- and 10- minute timer, this unit measures 11′ x 5′′ x 4.25′′ and comes with a full, one year warranty.


Light Cure Custom Tray Material

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Megatray™ is a light cure tray material supplied in economical prefabricated sheets– eliminating mixing and mess.

Megatray™ features good working time along with excellent malleability and adaptation to model. Easy trimming characteristics reduce error as well as effort.

Megatray™ is odorless and uniform in thickness with low shrinkage and exceptional strength.

Available in 2 colors and sizes. Each size includes 50 Trays per box.

2mm- Available in Blue and Pink

1.4mm- Available in Pink

Portable Micromotor

Download Product Sheet (79K)Portable Micromotors

  • Rugged and rechargeable, yet compact
  • Stepless speed adjustment from 0–25,000 rpm with great torque throughout
  • 6 hour charge time with an incredible 8 hour continuous run time even under heavy load
  • Sealed Ni-MH battery assures extremely long life
  • E type handpiece comes with a doriot straight handpiece nose cone and will accept any kind of E type front end
  • Comes complete with convenient holster and charger
  • Other front ends available
  • Full One Year Warranty

207 Micromotor207 Micromotor

Download Product Sheet (79K)

  • 35,000 RPM
  • Features Forward – Reverse
  • Non Stage Speed System (0 – 35,000 rpm)
  • With variable speed foot control

Mixing BowlsMixing Bowls 


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These flexible, chemical resistant, neoprene rubber mixing bowls are perfect for mixing plaster, dental stone, and silicone casting materials.

After use, just bend the cup and leftover plaster and dental stone
simply pops off. Remaining silicone can easily be peeled off after the silicone cures.

Available Sizes:

Small- 3.25″W x 2.25″H 150ml

Medium- 4.25″W x 2.75″H 350ml

Large- 4.75″W x 3.625″H 600ml

X-Large- 5″W x 4.5″H 850ml

Model BasesRubber Model Forming Bases

High Quality and Economical

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Select Dental Model Forming Bases give you great looking models without the hassle and mess associated with model trimming. These tough yet flexible bases offer easy separation as well as long life.

Rubber Model Forming BasesUniversal Molds

Ortho Molds- regular set of 6 pcs.

Available in Upper or Lower (Sm, Med & Lg)

Universal Molds

Can be used for Upper or Lower Models


*All molds can also be purchased individually

MR Flats Pin and Sleeve

MR FlatsPin and Sleeve

Download Product Sheet (88K)

Advantages of the MR Flats

  • New concept in Dowel Pins
  • Flat side prevents rotation associated with round pins
  • Tapered side assures pins are always replaced properly
  • Great for anterior and posterior dies
  • Plastic sleeve has die guard built in (No need to assemble- just snap off end)

MR Pin and SleeveMR Pin

Dual Pin and Sleeve

Download Product Sheet (83K)

The most important step in the creation of a well fitting restoration is the accuracy of the model and die. Now you can have the accuracy of a dual pin and metal sleeve without the associated high cost.

The MR Pin is extremely well made, extremely accurate and extremely economical. The dual pin design and precise fitting metal sleeve virtually eliminates rotation. The metal sleeve has a high luster plating that is abrasion resistant, allowing the pin to be removed and replaced frequently without any change to the relationship of the overall model.

The MR Pin is compatible with virtually all pin setting machines and requires no change in procedure.

Available in boxes of 100 pcs. & 1000 pcs.

Advantages of the MR PIN:

  • Compatible with virtually all pin setting systems
  • Precise fitting metal pin and metal sleeve with improved retention
  • Die Guard for clean professional models
  • Can replace: PX114, PX 115, PX153, P-48, Pin Mates & Denerica 346 & 326

MR Pindex Style DrillsMR Pindex Style Drills

Fits virtually all pin setting machines. Drill the perfect hole for the MR Pins, #2 Medium Dowel Pins, and Pindex Pins.

Comes in packs of 3 Drills.

MR 2 Dual Pin and Sleeve

MR 2

Dual Pin and Sleeve

Download Product Sheet (96K)

Advantages of the MR 2:

  • State of the art manufacturing- assures precision fit of pin to model and pin to sleeve
  • Corrosion resistant chrome plating
  • Compatible with virtually all pin drilling machines
  • Quantity- 1000 each per box (pins, sleeves and stoppers)

Steel Photo Mirrors

Double-Ended / Double-Sided

Angled Photography Mirrors

Download Product Sheet (130K)

  • MIrrors set at 30º angle
  • No double reflections
  • Polished Stainless Steel
  • Double ended versatility
  • Extremely durable finish
  • Use with digital or 35mm
  • Withstands repeated sterilization
  • Autoclavable up to 273ºF

Steel Photo Mirrors

Stainless Steel Photography Mirrors

Download Product Sheet (112K)

  • Highly Reflective Surface
  • Precision Laser Cut
  • Available in 6 sizes

Glass Photo Mirrors

Glass Photography Mirrors

Download Product Sheet (128K)

  • Double Sided
  • Rhodium Coated
  • Front Surfaced
  • Autoclavable
  • Made with Lapidated Crystal
  • Available in 6 sizes

Polar Blast Freeze SprayPolar Blast

Freeze Spray

Download Product Sheet (84K)

For use as a freeze spray for the testing of pulp vitality. Eliminates the use of messy ice cubes by applying a small amount to a cotton pellet.

Works great with thermoforming. Helps to assure maximum adaptation of trays, mouthguard materials, retainers and other plastics by stopping all thermal action.

Increase flexibility on thermally activated arch wires. Works great with heat activated wires by making wires more pliable.

10 oz. cans contain 4 oz. more than most other name brand freeze sprays.

Mirasoft RetractorsMirasoft Retractors

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These soft and pliable retractors feature long handles allowing maximum patient comfort. Autoclavable.

Adult and Child Sizes- SET OF 2

Soft-Dex RetractorsSoft-Dex Retractors

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These soft and pliable, easy to place retractors are ideal for patient comfort. Provides a full view of the anterior and posterior regions. Autoclavable.

Adult and Child Sizes- SET OF 2

Mirahold RetractorsMirahold Retractors

Download Product Sheet (85K)

Clear plastic retractors with long handles. Can be cold sterilized. Autoclavable.

Adult and Child Sizes- SET OF 2

Spandex Retractors

Spandex Retractors

Download Product Sheet (85K)

The original retractors.

Adult, Child and Teen Sizes– SET OF 2

Mirahold Retractors


Download Product Sheet (85K)

  • Allows unrestricted access
  • Great for occlusal photos and quick direct bond repair
  • Extremely comfortable for patients
  • Angle head helps retract lips

Diamond SawDiamond Saw & Mandrel Set

Download Product Sheet (83K)

  • 2.75″ diamond coated blade with special safety mandrel
  • Cut neat clean dies from casts
  • Use on standard dental lathe

Set contains: Diamond Saw, Mandrel and Wrench (All items also available separately)


Tooth Dryer

Spot Welder

Small Compact Size

Download Product Sheet (704K)

This small, versatile, economical chairside unit was created to fulfill the multi-purpose requirements of appliance fabrication. It requires only minimum counter space and its light-weight design makes it appropriate for chairside or mobile use.

Enamel Hand StripperEnamel Hand Stripper Kit

Download Product Sheet (78K)

Manual operation means more control and increased safety. The Stainless Steel Enamel Stripper can be used up to the first molar and accepts all sizes of steel abrasive strips and many types of linen, cloth or plastic strips. Single and double sided.

One abrasive strip can be used for several applications. Using the correct width prevents gingival tissue injury.

Kit includes: 1 Stainless Steel Enamel Hand Stripper and Abrasive Strips Sample Pack

Additional Strips also available. (Single & Double Sided)

Diamond Disc Guard

Diamond Disc Guard

Download Product Sheet (78K)

Get peace of mind with this invaluable tool by providing the safest possible working environment for your patients. Crafted from stainless steel, the Diamond Disc Guard protects the mouth from spinning Diamond Discs. Fits all 7/8″ diamond discs, for use on doriot style handpieces.


Contouring KitContouring Kit

Download Product Sheet (77K)

Removes interproximal tooth mass to produce additional intra-arch space. May also be used for opening contact points, recontouring or removing overhanging fillings. Reusable aluminum-oxide contouring blades.

Kit Includes: 1 Handle and 12 Assorted Strips

Additional Strips also available. (Single & Double Sided)

Mini StripperMini Stripper

Download Product Sheet (77K)

Small and easy to handle

Includes: 1 Mini Stripper and 16 Refill Strips (single side only)

Additional Strips also available. (Serrated, Steel & Diamond)

Cello StripperCello Stripper

Download Product Sheet (91K)

The Cello Stripper Holder accepts 2 sizes of steel abrasive strips- 2mm and 3mm; single-sided and double-sided.

Kit Includes: Stainless Steel Strip Holder and Sample Package of 10 Abrasive

Tooth Dryer

Tooth DryerComplete with 2 Tips

One potential bonding hazard occurs when air syringes contaminate enamel or dentin surfaces with moisture during the drying procedure. It’s estimated that as many as 50% of all offices in the United States could be contaminated with moisture.

It has also been shown that warming the tooth has a positive effect on bis-GMA resins including degree of cure, tensile bond strength and shear bond strength of composite resin to tooth surfaces.

Improves bond strength up to 30%.

The Select Dental MFG Tooth Dryer comes with 2 temperature settings and 2 replacable tips.

Vacuum FormerVacuum FormerEasy-Vac

Download Product Sheet (84K)

The Easy-Vac Vacuum Former features a built-in vacuum and accommodates square or round material. Sturdy construction ensures years of reliable use.


  • Hex Post- allows smooth up and down movement
  • Reflective heating element casing- disperses the heat evenly over any thermoforming material
  • Dial Timer- automatic shut-off prevents overheating
  • Updated look and compact size with “no-worry” operation- makes it easier to store and use in your lab
  • Noise Filter- quieter operation
  • 2 – Fuse Operation- keeps the machine from overloading the circuits

Power Supply: 110 – 220 V AC / 50 – 60 Hz
Heat Output: 550 W
Motor Output:– 1250 W

VibratorVibrator3 Speed

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This Select Dental Vibrator is built for durability and features 3 speeds: Low, Medium and High.

The Speed Selector Dial allows the technician to vibrate a mixing bowl or flask at the correct speed for the plaster, stone or viscous solution to de-bubble.

The rubber top is removable for easy cleaning and replacement.

Four soft rubber suction cup feet prevent spills caused by creep with a firm hold even during the heaviest vibration cycles.

View BoxSlim-Line™ View BoxUltra Flat- Only 3/4″ Thick

Download Product Sheet (90K)

The attractive Slim Line™ View Box is only 3/4″ thick and can easily hang on a wall, lie flat or at an angle with built-in leg support.

Perfect for patient presentations, cephalometric tracing as well as day in and day out use.

Generous 12″ x 8″ viewing area accommodates a large variety of film sizes- the outer dimensions measure 14.5″ x 10.75″.

Cold cathoid technology assures reliabilty as well as extremely long lasting bulb life.

Unit includes 1 AC Adapter


Wax Pots

Download Product Sheet (82K)

For the fast and efficient heating of wax. Each Wax Pot features 3 wax wells which allows working on multiple wax types at the same time. Solid, strong construction and 4 non-skid rubber safety stands ensure safety while in use. Their compact size allows each to fit into even the most crowded work spaces.

Digital Wax PotDigital Wax Pot

  • Precise digital display of temperature at a glance
  • Easy to use “up” and “down” temperature control buttons
  • Temperature Range: 122°F – 239°F
  • Efficient: quickly reaches and maintains desired temperature
  • Accurate: makes perfect copings every time
  • Compartment Depth: 5/8″
  • Size: Approx. 5.1″ W x 6.5″ D x 2.6″ H
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • 115V 60Hz

Analog Wax PotAnalog Wax Pot

  • Temperature dial provides quick control with “Low” and “High” settings
  • Temperature Range: 122°F – 239°F
  • Efficient: quickly reaches and maintains desired temperature
  • Accurate: makes perfect copings every time
  • Compartment Depth: 7/8″
  • Size: Approx 5″ W x 4.3″ D x 2.25″ H
  • Weight: 2 lbs.